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How it Works

The process for taking your business into Wolf Mode. 

The Process


By using the checklists as our task masters we are able to take this massive and comprehensive plan and chop it into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. If we complete the checklists - we stay on plan. If we stay on plan - our world is happy and results will follow.


Is our plan working? We sure hope so, but nobody’s perfect and neither are all of our marketing strategies. Our initial plan is our best effort but is truly just a starting point toward chasing an ever changing target. What worked today might not work tomorrow. This is why we run bi-weekly plan assessments. Our assessments first determine if we’ve stayed on course and completed the tasks we’ve planned for each Rev Bucket. We then take a deep look at what we’ve done and analyze the results. We let the data tell us if what we’ve done well, and what needs improved, adjusted, or deleted. Any changes made are then added to the plan and the cycle continues into eternity.


We told you we LOVED them! Let’s face it, we all have a million things going on and the quickest way to lose any marketing momentum is to start missing timelines, post schedules, email sends etc… To ensure that doesn’t happen on our watch we have a checklist for everything - focusing on each bucket making sure all our t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted every step of the way. This also works as an amazing communication tool between us. We can see that boxes you’ve checked and you can see ours helping us maintain accountability and on the same page.


The data never lies. We make sure we collect all actionable insights and back them with good hard data. During our planning phase we determine which KPIs we will use as our metrics to gauge the performance of each effort. While our team is living and breathing these metrics every moment of the process - we don’t expect you to. We prepare a monthly report that will cover each KPI for each Rev Bucket comparing the same metrics to the previous month, year, and year to date. That report will show us exactly where we are doing well and if there are any areas that need attention. We make sure to provide a summary for each bucket explaining the results and any actions we suggest to be taken to improve them over the course of the next month. Again, we will revisit and see if what we changed worked - if it did, we party - if it didn’t, we try again and we won’t stop trying until we achieve the results we expect from our efforts.

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